Prayer "Time"

Commit yourself to time, today, with God.

Not in a some generic, "we'll see if I get around to it" kind of way, but in a specific, "10:00am Rosary walk" kind of way.

Could be five or ten minutes. Could be an hour.

Commit. Schedule. Repeat.

How Do You Know?

Knowing Jesus is much more important than knowing about Jesus.

Knowing about Jesus wins the debate.

Knowing Jesus wins heaven.

When You Don't Know What To Say In Prayer

When you want to pray, but don't know what to say, you're in a good place.

Simply, rest. Rest in his love.

Remember, the Lord wants your heart much more than he wants your words.

What We Need

We all need heroes.

And the Church has them in the saints.

The saints aren't just people who live in stained-glass windows. No, the saints are those heroes in the faith whose lives we admire and whose example we imitate because they stir up the best in us. We admire what they did, and pray we can do it ourselves.

That's why a healthy spiritual life will always include a devotion to the saints in general and some special saints in particular.

If you're struggling to find some for yourself, I've listed a few of my favorites below and a link to inspiring resources.

St. (Padre) Pio - Padre Pio: The Stigmatist

Saint Teresa of Calcutta - Beginners Guide To Mother Teresa of Calcutta (Paperback)

Pope St. John XXIII - Journal of a Soul

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati - A Man of the Beatitudes

St. Rita of Cascia - Saint of the Impossible

How To Get Someone Back To The Church

Invite them.

The best way to bring someone you know back to Mass is to, simply, invite them.

Be specific and personal in the invitation (yes, text or email works). Give them a date and time. Tell them to meet you there or offer to pick them up.

If they decline, give it a week and invite them again.