"Where Does God Live?"

After dinner the other night my three-year old son Joseph asked me a question.

"Where does God live, Dad?"

I said the first thing that came to my mind: "He lives in your struggles, Joseph." Then he went back to playing with his truck.

Okay, so I went a little deep. But I want my son (and daughter) to learn something from an early age.

Something so many of us fail to realize...

God is not distant from you. He's not "there" when you're doing well, and "not there" when you're struggling. (In fact, some of the wisest saints have said He makes himself even more present during your times of suffering).

Think of it this way, God wants to live in your mess.

No, really; He doesn't want to live in your perfect life, in the imaginary, never-quite-gonna-get-there version that we all dream about. All He wants is all you've got-right here and now.

So invite God into your mess: into your problems and your worries and even the sins you still struggle with. Let Him live there, let Him be present to you there. Then, you might just start to see things different, to see things the way He does, the way He's always wanted us to.

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