The most difficult prayer you will ever pray

The most difficult prayer we will ever pray is for the person we can't stand the most.

After all, praying for our enemies would be easy if we didn't have, well, enemies.

It's not easy (it never will be), but praying for those we can't stand is necessary if we're going to follow Jesus.

If you need help, start with this simple prayer:

"Jesus, help (insert name) to be holy. Because you love (insert name) as much as you love me."

Pray this prayer every time you think of him or her. Pray it everyday if need be.

Someday, they may even thank you in heaven.

What holiness is about

The moment I got booked to speak at a marriage retreat sometime ago, I received a text message from my wife that read, "you forgot to clean the blender."

Holiness in married life (and life in general) really is about the little things, isn't it?


Picking up your shoes.

Letting the dog out.

An unexpected text message that reads, "I love you."

Cleaning the blender.

Yes, holiness really is about the little things.

How to simply pray

Talk to Jesus as you would a friend, today.

Give Jesus the people in your life you love, today.

Ask Jesus to break into the areas of your life you know you need him the most, today.

Thank Jesus for everything you have (yes, even the struggles), today.

Prayer really is that simple.

That's The Point, Afterall

God gives you everything you need to make you a saint.

Every joy, every struggle, every question you have is God's way of calling you into a deeper relationship with him.

That's the point, after all. 

That's the point of everything

To make you a saint.