This changed Mother Teresa's life

Mother Teresa heard two words from Jesus on a train one day that changed her life.


These were the words Jesus spoke from the cross. And now, he was speaking them to her.

Upon hearing those words Mother Teresa made it her mission to do what Jesus was now asking of her - quench his thirst by serving the poorest of the poor.

Mother Teresa's story is inspiring. That we already know. 

But it wasn't easy.

Hardship, frustration, doubt and fear - all the things we're afraid of, stood in her way. But instead of seeing them as obstacles to holiness, she saw them asopportunities for holiness.

What obstacle to holiness in your life needs to be made into an opportunity?

Give it to God.

Now is the time

If you haven't thought of God today, think of him now.

If you haven't spoken to God today, speak to him now.

God wants your heart, and there's no better time to give it to him than now.

A Better Way To Pray

If you want to get more out of your prayer, don't just give God the laundry list of what you think you need.

Instead, the next time the Holy Spirit moves you to pray, ask God what he thinks you need.

Yes, this way of praying may be more difficult to get used to, but it's essential if we're going to go deeper in our relationship with Jesus.

Ask God this question

When I ask my son Joseph (3yrs old) how much he loves me, he stretches out his arms, as far as he can, and says, "this much!"

That simple act teaches me a lot about love. Most importantly, it teaches me that love isn't just said, it's shown.

In your prayer this week, while looking at a crucifix, ask Jesus the same question I ask my son.

"How much do you love me, Lord?"

Stretching out his arms on the cross, watch and listen for his response:

"This much."