Just A Simple Thank You

Every week, thousands of you read this. Amidst the chaos at home (my son is literally driving his monster truck on the wall as I write this) and the busy-ness at work, you choose to read what little I offer in regards to our faith.

For that, all I can say is thank you.

Thanks for your time, emails, and prayers.

Most of all, though, thanks for doing the hard work of striving for sanctity. Even if it doesn't look the way you think it should, your life is a major part in God's divine plan. And people like me need to see that in action.

So, keep focused. And never give up on God.

That's it?

It was my wife's turn to pray before dinner.

She looked at my son as he bowed his head (I know, he was really just looking at his food) and she began to pray...

"God, help us. Mother Mary, watch over us. Angles and saints, pray for us."

"That's it?" Joseph asked?

Yes, Joseph, that's it.

Start today

The poor widow in last Sunday's Gospel gave, "from her poverty," all that she had.

Perhaps you're not at that level of giving yet (neither am I).

But we can give something.

Maybe it's an extra $10 per month to your parish (which would be an extra $120 per year / $1,200 over the next ten years).

Or maybe you donate an hour of your time each month to the local food pantry (12 hours per year / 120 hours over the next ten years).

It doesn't have to be much. It just has to be something.

Start somewhere.

Start anywhere. 

Start today.

What gratitude does

Thank your wife, today, for how hard she works.

Thank your son for mowing the lawn. 

Thank your husband for letting the dog out before work.

Thank your co-worker for starting the coffee.

Thank God for the gift of Wednesday.

Heart-felt gratitude encourages others. It lets them know they are loved, acknowledged, appreciated, even if what they are doing is routine.

Most of all, gratitude expands our hearts in the way of God.

Chesterton said it best, "the best kind of giving is thanksgiving."