A prayer that will change your day

I pray this prayer every morning (yes, most of the time it's over the radio, but I still pray it). I want you to pray it, too.

It's called a morning offering and it goes like this:

"God, our Father, we offer you our day. We offer you all our thoughts, words, joys and sufferings, in union with the Heart of Jesus. Holy Spirit be our guide and strength today so that we may witness to your love. Mary, mother of Jesus and the Church, pray for us! Amen."

Pray this prayer as often as you remember. It really will change you.

What no one tells us about love

Look at the Crucifix the next time you're in a Catholic Church. 

Really look at it. 

I can assure you that didn't feel good. And yet, it was the single greatest act of love the world has ever known.

Love always involves feelings. They're just not always good feelings.

How God thinks

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, said God always thinks with mercy.

So let me ask you, do you believe God desires to forgive you for anything you've ever done? Do you believe if you were the only person to have ever walked this earth Jesus would still have walked ten football fields with a tree on his back to be crucified...for you? Do you believe God wants nothing more than to spend both now and eternity with you?

Sure, you've heard all about God's mercy and love before. Perhaps, maybe hearing about it has gotten a little stale.

The good news is we were not made to simply hear about God's mercy and love - we were made to experience his mercy and his love.

A daily, scheduled and disciplined encounter with The Lord Jesus in prayer is where we begin.

Holiness 101

In his homily just ten days ago at the World Meeting of Families Pope Francis said that, "like happiness, holiness is always tied to little gestures."

For many of us, that's hard to understand.

See, we've convinced ourselves that in order to be holy we have to start a religious community that expands to 600 communities in over 120 countries. You know, like Mother Teresa.

Or, we think that holiness is only for people who "work" for the Church - like my parish priest, or the pope.

But holiness is for me and you, too. And it begins and ends with the little gestures of our day.

So, today, try and be patient with the co-worker who annoys you the most. Invite your wife on a 20 minute walk to talk about her day. Call a friend who's lonely. Lead your family in a short prayer before bed.

Then, repeat.