Yeah, what he said

Have you ever tried to say something, but you just can't find the words? Then, your listening to someone talk and they say exactly what you were trying to say...only, better.

Pope Francis spoke for all of us last week when he said the following words - words that many of us have struggled to proclaim:

"All that is good, all that is true, all that is beautiful brings us to God. Because God is good, God is beautiful, God is the truth."
Yeah, what he said.

Francis and you

Pope Francis' heavily anticipated trip to America is well underway. And the worldis listening.

Me? Well, I can't get enough. I'll read every word he has to say. I'll pray with his words, too. I'll pray that my heart may be open to the continual invitation he's given me to abandon my life to Jesus.

What about you? Are you listening? Are you praying? 

The successor to St. Peter is speaking - let him speak to you.

It's not too late

What made the saints holy wasn't their ability to fly (St. Joseph of Cuperintino), or bilocate (St. Padre Pio). It wasn't the miracles God worked through them or the visions they saw.

What made the saints holy was their humble faithfulness to the mission God had for them.

What's the mission God has for you?

It's not too late to ask.


Everyday, people we know are struggling. People close to us. People we love.

It's easy to get so caught up in our own lives that we forget about others.

That has to change. For you and for me.

If you can make one persons day a little easier, today, who would it be?

Make it happen.

It's already happening

I've seen it. It's already happening. In marriages like yours all around the world...

Couples are making time to pray.

They pray aloud. They pray in silence. They pray in Church. They pray in bed. But they pray, together.

And you and your spouse can pray together, too. You can change your marriage. You can change your life.

Just, pray.