God and Lego's

My two-year-old son's Lego creation fell apart the other day. Needless to say, he wasn't happy. And if there's anything I've learned as a father, it's this: when two-year-olds aren't happy, they cry.

"Fix it, daddy!" he cried.

And I did. (Save your applause.)

Have you ever been having a little trouble and thought, "God has more important things to worry about than this"? Yeah, I used to think that as well.

Then we had a son.

I love my son so much that I'll drop everything to fix his Lego castles. And I don't grumble. I'm happy to help.

God is big enough for your seemingly small pleas. He cares for you as you care for your own.

Today, give God the little things - he can help.

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