Try this

The next time you're at dinner with your family, after you serve the food, take a moment and look everyone in the eye. Then, tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Yes, it will probably be a little awkward. Perhaps even more so because there's still some hostility from an argument the night before, but it's important and they need to know.

Then, that evening in your prayer, thank God.

Why we pray

We do not pray to change God's mind. Nor do we pray to convince him of what's best for our lives.(He already knows.)

We pray to close the gap – the gap between my imperfect wants and his perfect will.

Begin anew, today.

We can't forget this

If you've ever attended one of my missions, you know how I begin. "By the time you walk out of this Church tonight, you will have the answer to the world's most pressing question, namely, 'What is the meaning of life?'" 

I repeat that another time (or two) for effect, but really, there's no need. Most everyone wants to know what I'm going to say.

But I say nothing new - nothing we already haven't heard in those pews before.

Making our way through the Bible that first evening, we find ourselves at the foot of the cross, and there, we re-discover the answer. The answer the world desperately wants to know:

"Then Jesus said to his disciples, 'If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." (Matt. 16:24)

We can't forget this...

The meaning of life is to give ourselves away, to die to ourselves and follow Jesus.

This is not merely a clever saying. Jesus did not give us other options. This is our purpose. This is our life.

I want you to promise God something

Every day we encounter dozens of people who are struggling. 

Whether it's a struggle in their marriage, a struggle with their son, a struggle with their finances, or a struggle forgiving themselves, people are hurting.
However, what I've come to realize over the years is the real problem isn't that we struggle. The real problem is that many are struggling, alone.

As Catholics we can't sit on the sidelines anymore.

Therefore, I want you to promise God something...

This week, promise him you'll reach out to a friend or family member who you know is hurting and in need of help. Perhaps you can't offer them an answer. But you can offer them the consolation of knowing they no longer have to struggle alone.