Benedict and me

Years ago, when I visited Rome, I was able to attend Vespers in St. Peters Basilica with Pope Benedict XVI.

And I sat in the very front row.

As I watched Benedict process down the aisle and make a right turn at the front, I quickly realized he was going to walk right by me. So, I did what anyone else would do––I took out my camera.

There, within inches of me he slowly walked smiling to the crowd. Then, as if I had asked him, he looked directly into my camera.

It froze. The camera completely froze.

I learned a valuable lesson that day...

I had the opportunity to look directly into the Pope's eyes as he looked back at me. But I didn't. Instead, I chose to look through a lens.

This Lent, put the lens down when you look at God. Whatever distances you, move it aside. And spend time with him, looking him in the eye.

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