The strangest thing

I left my wallet in a coffee shop the other day. There were dozens of people there when I left and I just knew, the moment I turned around in my car, it would be gone.

But the strangest thing happened - when I walked back in, my wallet was sitting exactly where I left it.

Why is it so easy to assume the worst in people?

I think it's easy because it's lazy.

When we assume the worst in them, we leave ourselves no room to learn and grow.

Perhaps, this Lent, rather than resenting your spouse the next time their short with you, take a moment - breathe - and ask what's really bothering them. (You might even be surprised to find out it isn't you.)

Or, how about that person at work who's always in a bad mood? Rather than talking behind their back, find out something simple that gives them joy, and surprise them with it.

It doesn't mean everything's going to go your way. But it can serve as a gentle reminder of how God is with us.

"The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in Mercy." Psalm 145:8

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