Something better

There's a big difference between knowing about God and actually knowing God.

I can tell you my wife, Teresa, likes good coffee, loathes asparagus, and is a loving spouse. But that doesn't mean you know her.

It's important to know that God is love (1 John 4:8). It's also important to know that His majesty is equal to His mercy (Sirach 2:18).

It's more important to know His love and experience His mercy.

PS - Dr. Peter Kreeft's Prayer For Beginners can help you with that.

The difference early makes

There's never been a time I've regretted getting to Mass early. There's plenty of times, however, I've regretted being late.

Whipping the car out of the driveway, driving through yellow-ish lights, parking where we're not supposed to park, and scurrying in as Father's making the sign of the cross won't help us pray.

Arriving at Mass ten minutes early, on the other hand, can take you from a place of stress, to a place of rest.

How it all began

Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity work in over 600 facilities in over 130 countries with over 4,500 sisters.

Her dream to help the poor began with a yes.

Then, well, God took care of the rest.

Sound familiar?

There'll be a lot of excuses to not make time for prayer today.

Excuses like: I have too much work to catch up on or I don't feel like it.

Make time for prayer anyway.

Looking for a *spiritual* resolution?

Would it surprise you to know that (statistically speaking) most of us won't keep our New Year's resolution(s)? I think one of the reasons we have a hard time keeping them is we're not specific enough when making them.

This is especially important in our *spiritual* resolutions.

(Don't just "pray more" in 2015)
Pray for 20 minutes every morning at 6:30 AM.

(Don't just "read more" in 2015)
Read a spiritual book every month. Start with this one.

(Don't just "go to confession more" in 2015)
Schedule confession once a month with a priest you trust.

(Don't just "go to daily Mass more" in 2015)
Go to noon Mass every Wednesday during your lunch break.