His first feast as a saint!

Karol Joseph Wojtyla––remember him?

Sure you do.

We know him now as St. John Paul II, and today is his first official feast day after being canonized less than six months ago.

St. John Paul II was pope for over 26 years (third longest of any pope in history).

He also traveled a lot. In fact, if you add up the miles he traveled, they would circle the earth 30 times.

He was seen by more people, in person, than any other individual that's walked the planet.

And he canonized more saints than the last five centuries of his predecessors combined (here's the list if you're wondering).

More importantly...he was uncompromising in his love for Jesus Christ.

We will do well to imitate him, read his biographies (this one's my favorite), and ask for his prayers.

St. John Paul II, pray for us!

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