"But I can't be Mother Teresa!"

You're right, you can't.

You also can't be St. John Paul II or St. Therese or St. Pio or St. Catherine.

But you can be you.

They couldn't do that. They could only change the world with the gifts God gave them.

Now it's our turn.

It's The Best Burger In Town!

When we find "the best" restaurant, see a good movie, or save money on our car insurance, we tell everyone we know.

We say things like: "You've gotta try the burger!" Or, "You have to see this movie!"

We share what excites us with those we love. Why? Precisely because we love them and want them to share in our joy.

Sharing our faith is no different.

What most excites you as a Catholic? What saint has changed your life? What devotion strengthens your love of God?

Tell those you love––tell them everything––and invite them to share in your joy.


If staying physically healthy is important to you, you'll exercise. 

If sports are important to you, you'll watch sports.

If learning is important to you, you'll read.

If God is important to you, you'll pray.