Let me think about it

God did not create us to merely wonder or think about his existence––he created us to be partakers in it.
God is the first community of love––Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And he, who is love, calls us into himself for all eternity––which is Heaven.
But can we experience Heaven now?
Because of our fallen nature, we can't experience the full effects of Heaven here on earth. However, we've certainly seen over the centuries––through the lives of the saints––that God can more than whet the appetite if the human heart is open.
It may not be the way you think, but he never disappoints.

The most common misunderstanding

That's it? That's it. We've misunderstood love.
And if you've ever heard me speak you know I spend a good deal of time trying to untie the knots.
True love is the cross––the cross Jesus asks us to carry with him. Mother Teresa reminded her sisters of it constantly––Love hurts.
Will there be joy? Yes! There'll be lots of joy. I experience joy in love everyday. But most of the time those joys come when I'm willing to move out of the way––and serve.
It's not easy––I'm more than sure you're better at it than me––but it's necessary in order to fulfill Christ's mission within us.
If you want to read more, here is an article I wrote for a larger blog this week.

This will be read at my funeral

It's my birthday today.
And while I generally like to reflect on the gift of these years God has given me and how thankful I am for his grace in my life, I decided instead to reflect on death. (I bet you didn't see that one coming.)
"That's a little morbid for your birthday, isn't it, Jon?" Probably. But it's my party and I'll cry if I want to.
You see, I pray a lot that God will give me a long life. A life to see 50+ years of marriage, my kids all grown up and the graduations of my grandchildren.
And while that may happen, I also know it may not.
What I do know for sure, however, is that someday--hopefully a long time from now--my heart will give way and my body lay still.
And while, for some, it's easier to cast this reality aside as some inconvenient truth, I say with many who have gone before me, memento mori (remember death).
Everyday, remember that this most precious gift of life is but the very means to our salvation--life eternal with God.
So, don't be afraid. Thank God for another day and live it to the full.
Most importantly, join me in praying that the prayer of Jesus in today's Gospel (which will be read at my funeral) will ring true in our souls.

God bless you.