I'll tell you why

Why do so many people account for crying when they saw St. John Paul II in person?

Why did so many people flock halfway around the world to see Mother Teresa?

Why do people wait for hours in pouring rain to catch a 5 second glimpse of Pope Francis?

I’ll tell you why...

We are attracted to beauty. And holiness is beautiful.

The right kind of heartburn

I was once asked by an atheist how I'm so sure there's a God.

"Because I know Him." I said.

Our Holy Fathers on down have made it clear: Our Catholic faith is first and foremost an encounter with a person–a living person–Jesus Christ. When we know him, everything else makes sense.

However, this isn't the kind of encounter where I pass by a familiar face in the office giving a head nod and a smile.

Rather, it is the kind of encounter that fosters a relationship. A relationship with Jesus that changes me, leaves me in awe and makes my heart burn for more.
Friends, be confident in Christ's mercy and love.

Never Before

Never before has there been so many resources to help you grow in your Catholic faith.

Books, articles, CD's, blogs...keeping you in the know and helping you grow.

Are you using them? How are you using them? Are you growing? How are you growing?

Challenge yourself with these resources. Set goals each week. Have someone hold you accountable. And share them with the people close to you.

We make time for what we love.

It’s a small investment on the front end with an eternal return on the other.

Why I'm Catholic

You may've heard it said, 'the Church is not a museum of saints, but a hospital for sinners.'

And it’s true.

If you know me, or have ever heard me speak, you know I’m passionate about my Catholic faith.

I like to scream it from the mountain tops--which today just means posting it all over Facebook or Twitter. I like to talk about it with virtually anyone--I’m the guy you hate sitting next to on the plane.

Yep, I’m Catholic.

No, not simply because my parents raised me so--after all, I know plenty of people who are no longer Catholic whose parents still are or at least were (statistically speaking very few adults continue to practice the Faith for the sake of their parents).

I’m not Catholic because it’s popular (it’s not).

I’m not even Catholic because it makes sense to me (it does).

I’m Catholic because I know it’s my best shot of getting right with God.

I believe Jesus.

Life is messy--really messy. And Jesus knew it. He knew the struggles of his own day, and he knows the struggles of today. And in that messiness he gave us a Church--a hospital--that offers the healing I think the rest of the world is looking for.

It's the kind of healing that brings freedom. No, not the kind of freedom where we can do whatever we want, but the freedom, as John Paul II said, to know and do what we ought.

It's also the kind of healing that brings mercy and forgiveness. In my experience of giving talks around the country, I've met many who have a hard enough time forgiving themselves, let alone believing that God can. The Church has offered this from the beginning (John 20:23) and continues today.

You see, I need a little help along the way.

And that’s just what the Church has been for me and countless others both living and dead.

Maybe you’re in that boat, too. Or maybe, you’re just unwilling to admit it.

Don’t you think maybe it’s time you did?

This is your reminder

Follow Jesus.

We cannot expect to further God's kingdom if we're too busy furthering our own.

"I'll follow you later, Lord!" ...is not the prayer he taught us.

Jesus told us what to do. Now, we do it.

Listen to him. Read his words in Sacred Scripture. Pray as he taught. And follow him.

He never said it would be easy. But he also didn't say it'd be impossible.

Friends, be confident in Christ's mercy and love.