Don't let this rule you

I really try to give people my full attention when having a conversation. Mostly because it annoys me when someone doesn’t do the same.

Sure, distraction happens. However, with me, most of the time it happens when I don’t remember to turn off my phone at dinner (my wife is never shy about reminding me of this one), or procrastinate--leaving things on my mind when they should otherwise be checked off the list.

Better preparing, or just plain ignoring distractions in communication with others is a good thing to remember in life.

I think it’s even more important to remember in prayer.

Yes, when distraction takes over our minds at Mass, God waits patiently for us to return to Him--but in some cases He just shouldn’t have to.

Adequate preparation before Mass and personal prayer can make your time with God even better. Maybe it’s something as simple as turning the ringer off on your phone. Perhaps it’s arriving 10 minutes early to simply decompress. 

Whatever the case, take the initial steps and watch your prayer life grow.

Friends, be confident in Christ's mercy and love.

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