How not to evangelize

Virtually everywhere I go I get asked for some quick and easy tips to get someone's loved one(s) back to Church. My answer is always the same--love Jesus more tomorrow than you did today.

To often, with our loved ones, we make evangelization about saying the right thing, or worse, simply winning the argument. That's NOT how to evangelize.

When we get in the way Jesus gets left out. And as we continually remind each other--it's not about us. It's about him. The sooner we fall in greater love with Jesus, the sooner others (i.e. family and friends) will want what we have and love him, too.

So this week, get to know Jesus better. Know him in the Eucharist. Know him in his mercy in the confessional. Know him in Scripture. Know him through his mother. Know him so well that your heart burns for him each and everyday.

Others will see, and hearts will change.

Friends, be confident in Christ's mercy and love.

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